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Chef Stations

* all with Chefs to prepare *

Gyros Bar

Lamb and Beef, Chicken and/or Veggie Gyros

Includes toppings

Salad and Desserts


Seafood Bar

Raw, Grilled, Roasted, and/or Steamed

Your choice of Seafoods

Salad and Desserts

Pizza Bar

Any combination of Pizzas

on Homemade Wheat, White or Gluten Free Crusts

Salad and Desserts


Potato Bar

Mashed or Baked Potatoes with

Your choice of toppings

Salad and Desserts


Grits Bar

Shrimp, Sausages, Salsa,

Cheeses, Caramelized Onions

Salad and Desserts


Slider Burger Bar

Beef, Salmon, Chicken, Black Bean/Quinoa Burgers

Breads with toppings

Salad and Desserts


Mexican Bar

Chicken or Beef Fajitas and Taco

Your Choice of  Toppings

Salads and Desserts

Gyros Bar

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